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adding info.json for funky40 (#8956)

parent d322ec54
"keyboard_name": "funky40",
"url": "",
"maintainer": "TheFourthCow",
"width": 12,
"height": 4,
"layouts": {
"layout": [{"label":"Esc", "x":0, "y":0}, {"label":"Q", "x":1, "y":0}, {"label":"W", "x":2, "y":0}, {"label":"E", "x":3, "y":0}, {"label":"R", "x":4, "y":0}, {"label":"T", "x":5, "y":0}, {"label":"Y", "x":6, "y":0}, {"label":"U", "x":7, "y":0}, {"label":"I", "x":8, "y":0}, {"label":"O", "x":9, "y":0}, {"label":"P", "x":10, "y":0}, {"label":"Back<br>Space", "x":11, "y":0}, {"label":"Tab", "x":0, "y":1}, {"label":"A", "x":1, "y":1}, {"label":"S", "x":2, "y":1}, {"label":"D", "x":3, "y":1}, {"label":"F", "x":4, "y":1}, {"label":"G", "x":5, "y":1}, {"label":"H", "x":6, "y":1}, {"label":"J", "x":7, "y":1}, {"label":"K", "x":8, "y":1}, {"label":"L", "x":9, "y":1}, {"label":":", "x":10, "y":1}, {"label":"\"", "x":11, "y":1}, {"label":"Shift", "x":0, "y":2}, {"label":"Z", "x":1, "y":2}, {"label":"X", "x":2, "y":2}, {"label":"C", "x":3, "y":2}, {"label":"V", "x":4, "y":2}, {"label":"B", "x":5, "y":2}, {"label":"N", "x":6, "y":2}, {"label":"M", "x":7, "y":2}, {"label":"<", "x":8, "y":2}, {"label":">", "x":9, "y":2}, {"label":"?", "x":10, "y":2}, {"label":"Shift", "x":11, "y":2}, {"label":"Ctrl", "x":0, "y":3}, {"label":"Super", "x":1, "y":3}, {"label":"Alt", "x":2, "y":3}, {"x":3, "y":3, "w":2}, {"label":"Del", "x":5, "y":3}, {"x":6, "y":3, "w":2}, {"label":"Left", "x":8, "y":3}, {"label":"Up", "x":9, "y":3}, {"label":"Down", "x":10, "y":3}, {"label":"Right", "x":11, "y":3}]
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